Sunday, November 26, 2006

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

First solo flight cancelt!

Looking out of my window at 8 am already told me- it ´s not gonna happen today!
Flying solo on these conditions out there at "Piru wash"- NOT a good idea! So what, my friends where already waiting out there!
No big deal! Me and Massiomo where taking the R22 and went out there to see them! On the way I had it already in my mind.
They should experience Massiomos skills by first hand! How?- of course on the co pilot´s seat! And no doubt, they never had more fun! After one hour riding the wave out there at "Piru wash" everybody left the helicoper with a big smile on his face!
Seems like Massimo did a very good job!

Maximum performance take off at by myself at "Piru wash"

From left to right: Claudia, myself, my buddy Art and his wife Roberta

Massimo - They call him Mr. Skills, no wonder why!

Art Thompson! Looks like he can´t wait to get into the helicopter!

My austrian friend Manfred enjoying the ride!

To everyone out there! Don´t try this at home - Go to Twin Air helicopter school at Van nuys!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Flying over downtown L.A.

Last night Massimo and me have been flying to L.A. downtown to improof my flying skills at night. Today we did the same pattern, just at daylight. Massiomo wanted me to do the communication, naviagtion and fly the helicopeter at the same time! What a rush!
I can tell that I was totaly exhausted after that mission. But it´s getting better and better every day!
If I don´t stop progressing, Massimo told me "you gonna do your first solo flight at "Piru Wash" on the upcoming sunday!
Well, I cant wait to fly solo! So if the wind conditions are okay on sunday, you guys gonna find some very interresting pictures here on sunday night!

to be continued...

Flying with the Robinson 22 over L.A. downtown around noon

Trying to land on top of the Library tower, just a joke!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Getting my helicopter license in L.A.

I always head two dreams in my life. Number one was to become a skydiver and number two to fly helicopters. Well it looks like I am on the way! Starting in Austria with Sigi "Blacky" Schwarz on a Red Bull Bell 47 turbine and continue here in Van Nuys airport with famous italien helicopter pilot YOYO GUSSO was the right descission! It was not easy to handle the change from a heavy Bell 47 to a little tricky Robinson 22. But hard daily work with my italien teacher MASSIMO finally paid off!
I already have 15 hours and one nightflight to L.A. downtown! Thank you my friend!

Bad boys, bad boys what you gonna do..?
Photo by David Smith

Landing on the helipad at Van Nuys airport. Massimo didn´t touch anything!!
Photo by David Smith

Twin Air sweetheart Maggy. She´s taking care about everybody and everything. Fly´s helicopters too!

Massimo and me in front of the Robinson 22 right before take off

Massimo giving me first instructions at Twin Air Helicopter school, Van Nuys

"Before flight check" is highly recomended!
Photo by David Smith

Getting ready for take off!

Bird view from our Robinson 22 over New Hall Pass at 2500 feet

Landing with the R22 at "Piru Wash" practice area. Picture taken by Massimo

I have to quit posting right now and start heading out to Van Nuys preparing my second night flight.

to be continued...!

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