Friday, November 10, 2006

Flying over downtown L.A.

Last night Massimo and me have been flying to L.A. downtown to improof my flying skills at night. Today we did the same pattern, just at daylight. Massiomo wanted me to do the communication, naviagtion and fly the helicopeter at the same time! What a rush!
I can tell that I was totaly exhausted after that mission. But it´s getting better and better every day!
If I don´t stop progressing, Massimo told me "you gonna do your first solo flight at "Piru Wash" on the upcoming sunday!
Well, I cant wait to fly solo! So if the wind conditions are okay on sunday, you guys gonna find some very interresting pictures here on sunday night!

to be continued...

Flying with the Robinson 22 over L.A. downtown around noon

Trying to land on top of the Library tower, just a joke!

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